Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moving ...

This blog content is moving ... I'm merging my creative blogs.
I hope you stay in touch and come and visit me here.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What can I make with a set of boxes?

The other day I walked around Michaels and saw this set of boxes.

I thought: Perfect!
For what? For storing toys, of course :)
We recently redid our kids bedroom: painted it yellow and moved them from toddler beds to a nice big kid bunk bed. Now I am looking to decorate and find creative ways to store their toys. So those boxes? Perfect.

I painted the boxes inside and out, "wallpaper-ed" a couple of them with scrapbooking paper, and decorated a bit with trims and lace and ribbons. My daughter and I painted the outside, initially with a house and garden theme.  She got bored, so I took the liberty to stamp one box and paint another while inspired by Flora Bowley's painting lessons.


I'm pretty pleased how it all turned out :)

Our space is quite small, these boxes are a bit squashed between a shelf and a bunkbed. So I guess it wouldn't have mattered what the outside looks like. But .... it was a fun creative exercise anyway :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Valentines' Card

Okay, I'm sure it's to no ones' surprise that I'm behind ... in everything. So much to share, so little time to blog. But I thought this one is really cute to share: my Valentine's card for my parents. Like most of my cards, they are a greeting and a little family update in pictures.

I love making cards and mini-books. I wish I had more time to make them :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Boy's clothing

I love buying clothes. Girls clothes to be exact. Boys clothes? Hm, not so much. Sometimes I find fun stuff, but now that my boy is 5 and close to the end of, I guess, toddler clothing, boys clothes look too much like teenage clothing or men clothing. What's up with that?

So when I found this book: Sukie Iron Ons, I was delighted!

Initially I was a little nervous, but it turns out that the pictures are really easy to iron on. It took a little practicing on a cheap T-Shirt to figure out exactly how long it would take to iron and how much pressure I needed to put on. Well it turns out it took quite a few minutes and a lot of pressure!

Here is my first T-Shirt ...

Forgive his sheepish grin. He didn't really want to be on camera. And as you can see fifteen seconds later I needed to bribe him with food :-/

I'm thinking I might put a few iron ons on a button down shirt as well. Bags. Girl shirt. Lots of stuff ... =)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

I know I haven't been an active blogger for too long. But I do want to wish everyone a VERY, HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

This is the Christmas card I created. I sewed a pocket since most of our friends and family are overseas. This way I could include a few photos to update everyone.

Hope everyone is well and has a wonderful rest of the year!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Yes, it's true ...

I am going to Spark!

I can't believe it! I have been wanting to go since last year, when -it seemed as if- the whole creative community was blogging about Spark 2. It looked so fun and beautiful and inspiring.

However, I have 2 young kids AND I have never left them (except for one weekend when Jasmine was 10 months old and Alex was not yet in our lives). That and it seemed a little self- indulgent to be travelling all the way to Utah for a creative weekend just for fun, just for me. So I put it away on my long wish list of things to do one day.

But then ... I asked and I received. Hubby is graciously taking a couple of days off to take care of the munchkins and letting me have uninterrupted fun all the way in Utah. *eeek* I'm so excited! Thank you hubby!

Of course, I haven't told the kids yet ... now, how to do this?