Saturday, August 27, 2011

Orange juice, anyone?

Okay, I'm going to be the first one to admit, the kitchen is not really my domain. I have never been interested in cooking (although I LOVE collecting recipes ... for that one day I'm going to cook a feast for my hubby ... not sure when). And I have no cooking talent.

On rare occasions when I want to do something special for my kids or with my kids, I bake. Cupcakes and the sort. Nothing too exciting.

But now and then I find a recipe so easy (you don't even have to turn on the stove or oven) and yummy, I can't say 'no'. Making orange juice is one of those treasures ;-)

I found this idea on my friend's Facebook page. The instructions were simple: Squeeze many different kinds of oranges into a container. I happened to have a grapefruit, a couple of Sunkist oranges and tons of clementines. So, oila:

It made exactly 1 1/3 glasses of refreshing juice. I would have taken a photo of it, but it went into my son's and hubby's tummies faster than I could pick up my camera!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Collage and card

What have I done this week?  Well, mostly cleaning and organizing my home. And there's still more to do. No wonder my Mom was happy with her 2 bedroom apartment. Whenever I told her that I would love to live in a big 2 story house, my Mom would say: Oh honey, and who will clean all that?

I never understood, until hubby and I got our first house.

I can't imagine living in a 2 bedroom apartment now! But there it is, I get what I asked for! That's for sure :-)

I do try to do something creative and fulfilling every day. No matter how small the project. I've been painting a little. No photos of that yet, cause my progress is well, very little. It seems, I do more daydreaming than picking up the brush .. haha.

I've also created a little card and collage. My Sister-in-law is moving to her brand new home this week.

I probably ought to make the habit to let you know what materials I used. Let's see: paper by 7Gypsies, K-ology and SEI. Die cuts made using the Cricut (except for the house, I cut myself). And last, but not least, the quote is from Studio 112.

The weekend is here! I hope you have a wonderful one!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lovely weekend

I hope you had a lovely weekend and you are refreshed for a great week ahead.
My weekend was wonderfully relaxing. My kids even let me sleep in :) We hung out mostly at home and at a local park. On Sunday Jasmine just couldn't leave her new dress in the closet anymore and wore it out.

I thought I'd share this photo with you, because in the previous photos it didn't quite show the back.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The neck dress.

Have you seen this book: Little Girls, Big Style: Sew a Boutique Wardrobe from 4 Easy Patterns, by Mary Abreu?

I purchased it several months ago, but never got around to sewing anything. I think it was nerves. I haven't really sewed anything more complicated than a pillow cover for years ... actually a couple of decades ... it's been a while since I graduated from highschool. *eek*

Last time I sewed a clothing piece was in home ec. I sewed a uniform shirt. I know, very exciting ...

Anyhow, this book is for girls 2-6 years old. So I felt the pressure to make at least one thing out of the book, before Jasmine turns 7. I let Jasmine pick out what she wanted and it was no surprise that she want the halter dress. She calls it the neck dress. She LOVES neck dresses!

It took me quite many nights to sew this one. Sewing clothes isn't really my thing, I guess. But I've always wanted to sew dresses for my daughter. So here it is.

I sewed a size 6. Size 6 store bought dresses usually fit Jasmine just right. But this one turned out one size too big around the waist. That coupled with the fact that I lengthened one of the tiers from 5.5" to 12", makes it prefect to wear next summer :-)

Back to the book. My daughter and I love it. The photos are beautiful and the directions are clear. This particular dress pattern is also very forgiving. I wasn't too precise while cutting all the rectangles for the tiers. Somehow it ended up slightly wavy, but it all came together well anyway.

Jasmine has a list of things that she wants me to sew. I think next up will be a skirt though. Something that is faster to whip up :-)

Oh and last, but not least, Jasmine styled herself: the hair, the necklace ... enjoy!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Family painting / mixed media update

Remember our family painting?
I know, you'd think it'd be finished by now and gracing our living room, ey? I thought so, too!

I thought, summer! Plenty of time to work on it.
Turned out summer was busy. And if there was a spare moment, my daughter wanted to read (she was in a race to collect all the rewards from the library's summer reading program!) and my son rather played "fight" (boys! I had to hide his swords & lightsaber several times, just to give me a break).

We finally worked on it a little last week.
We painted and stamped a few details on the flowers. Then we added a touch of glitter and stenciled into the background. My kids weren't too crazy about the stenciling. So I did alot of it. I really enjoyed working on it, without the constant "I want to do that, too!" (haha)

Some of the flowers became big and messy after adding more paint. So I cut out scrapbooking paper to define the flowers.

We also added 2 ladybugs.

So what do you think?
Starting to look interesting?

I think we'll work on it one last time, maybe adding details using sharpies. And then we'll call it finished.
My kids are ready to move on to a new project. They want to create a painting for my bedroom (which is also in desperate need for something interesting! :)